A robotic surgeon has been created for micro-level operations

Information appeared on the network that the joint efforts of researchers from Harvard University and

Sony Corporation has created a robotic surgeon designed to perform operations at the micro level.

The device is similar in size to an ordinary onetennis ball, but even with such a modest size, the robot provides the highest accuracy when performing operations at the micro-scale. The development is based on a metal platform - a structure made of a composite material and highly flexible is fixed on it. Only three special high-precision drives are responsible for controlling the various parts of the robot.

As part of testing a new development, scientistsconnected the robot with a kind of "three-dimensional joystick" that digitized the movements of a human hand and transmitted them to a device that exactly repeated them. And so, the test participant, observing only through a microscope, held the tip of the instrument along the perimeter of a square less than the size of a ball in the tip of an ordinary pen. After that, the robot performed this operation on its own in automatic mode with an accuracy of 68% higher than the accuracy of human movement. Thus, the fresh development of the joint research team can clearly be considered a breakthrough, on the basis of which it will be possible to develop solutions for the future.