Created a fitness bracelet with an application that scans the wearer's body fat

Amazon will release a fitness bracelet with an app that scans the wearer's body fat. The tracker has no screen

all data will be displayed in the smartphone app.

Also, the new Halo bracelet does not have GPS, Wi-Fi or radio. But there is an accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, two microphones, LED indicators and a button to turn the microphones on and off.

Bracelet app will providecommon functions for this kind of device: track steps, physical activity, etc. In addition, it will be able to use the smartphone's camera to create 3D scans of the wearer's body and detect emotions in the voice.

To make a scan, you will need to put your smartphone on the table (or give it to a friend), and then take a photo of yourself, preferably in your underwear. The app will then determine your body fat percentage.

The Halo bracelet itself is priced at $ 99.99, and the app service costs $ 3.99 per month. So far, Amazon has launched an early access program for new products.