"Messages" in "VKontakte" now turned into "Messenger"

Now, for calls and chats, users have the opportunity to write to a person by phone number. AT

the companies claim that this will greatly simplify communication on the platform - it will become much more convenient to contact those who are not yet friends.

Communication will begin if the interlocutorexpresses its consent. Until then, however, all of his profile data will be hidden - from name to avatar. Only the number and name from the phone book will be available. It should be noted that the initiator of the correspondence will not be able to find out if his message has been read.

The new feature comes in handy if people have exchangedonly by phones, but it is more convenient for them to continue communicating in dialogues or group chats. It is enough to synchronize contacts - if a colleague has a VKontakte profile, he can write a message.

You can exchange messages on VKontaktewas from the first day of the social network. Now this method of communication is one of the most popular in Russia. Users correspond in chats, call colleagues and relatives, send money, music, videos, documents for work or study. In fact, the service has long become a full-fledged messenger - and now, along with the introduction of the ability to write to contacts from the phone book, we reinforce this role with a new positioning of the section.

Marina Krasnova, Product Director, VKontakte

Note that everyone can personalize theircommunication by setting an original background for chats. The company added that this is only the first step in customizing the messenger. A series of new functions awaits him soon, with them everyone will customize the messenger in their own way.

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