The "Stream of the Year" took place: how Wargaming surprised the "tankers" at the main broadcast on World of Tanks

Anyone else, but the last weekend was remembered by World of Tanks players as the "Stream of the Year", in which the "tankers"

talked about the future of the game.

Stream of the Year

The broadcast lasted 6 hours 40 minutes, and took placeon two platforms at once, collecting a total of 3 million views. During the stream, players were greeted by Chuck Norris from Texas, who became the face of the New Year's World of Tanks update. In addition, viewers were also able to watch the show match in the "Steel Hunter" mode, in which Wargaming pitted popular "tank bloggers" against each other.

The main event was the announcement of upcoming innovationsin World of Tanks. In 2021, the previously introduced Crew 2.0, as well as a new map, will appear in the "tanks". In addition, two new branches have been announced: Italian and Czechoslovak TT. In 2021, Wargaming is also promising changes to Bloggers Clash, Steel Hunter mode and Battle Pass.

“This year we decided to spend not quitethe standard format of Stream of the Year: in these difficult times, in the era of the coronavirus, many of us are online, in different parts of our vast land, and we decided to talk more today, answer questions, tell us what we think about those things that came out in 2020, share plans for 2021. Tell about the burning things that excite everyone: artillery, land mines, what we will do with this, what new awaits our project next year. And to communicate in a simple, understandable tube format, ”said Anton Pankov, COO of World of Tanks.

You can watch the 6-hour recording of the Stream of the Year with announcements and a show match in the video below.

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