Google employees themselves were confused about the search engine's privacy settings

Now there is a trial involving Google and the chief attorney of Arizona. The company is accused of

the use of "deceitful and unscrupulous"methods of collecting data about users. During the trial, internal Google letters were exposed. They showed that the company's employees were themselves confused about the search engine's privacy settings.

The prosecutor's office opened an investigation after the article inAssociated Press, which discussed how to track the location of Google users and how difficult it is to disable those features.

From internal emails, it became clear that not only users, but even Google employees themselves were confused about the privacy settings.

“I agree with the article. Disabling location should mean disabling location, without exception for one occasion or another. The current interface looks like it was designed to make this possible, but complex enough that people can't figure it out, ”reads one of the letters.

Some of the employees admitted that they were sure that their location tracking was disabled, but then they suddenly discovered that it was not.

As a result, the prosecutor concluded that even high-ranking Google employees do not understand when and why the company collects location data.

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