It became known when forests disappeared in Altai

In order to find out what historical events preceded the disappearance of forests, scientists have collected

samples of bottom sediments from lakes Kuchuk and Maloye Yarovoe located in the Kulundinskaya steppe of the Altai Territory. The lakes were formed about 14 thousand years ago, in the period before the beginning of the current geological era.

It is believed that at this time the places were covered with glaciers formed during the last glaciation.

For the samples taken, scientists made a paleoclimatic reconstruction, and then built a chain of significant events in natural history, which they associated with the human factor.

As a result, it became clear that it was during the Holocene that anomalously volumetric precipitation was observed on the territory of the Steppe Altai, which led to the intensive development of the forest cover.

Experts have identified when majorfires, and also suggested that nomads could be the cause of the fires. Scientists have not been able to find a direct relationship between changes in precipitation and high temperatures. Nomads supposedly burned pastures to increase their fertility.

The authors hope that their study will help to understand the current issues of climate change, as well as predict the development of the region in the near future.

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