The startup introduced a portable device for viewing 3D animation

In October 2020, holographic display manufacturer Looking Glass Factory introduced its Looking Glass monitors.

worth 3 thousand dollars. However, the researchers felt that the company would not be promoting its holographic technology to market anytime soon.

The Looking Glass Portrait will nowavailable to ordinary users. This is a $ 349 full color holographic display that supports 60 frames per second - it allows you to view 3D objects from different angles on a 7.9-inch screen. The device can be tied to a PC or Mac, work with complex 3D applications or offline - as a photo and video player.

The portable design of the new display and the weight of 0.5 kg allows it to be used in offices, at home or on the road, so visual content can be viewed anywhere, even without glasses.

New 3D printer can print record-long objects

The company's previous displays resembled a glossyprism, and the new Portrait design uses redesigned optics with improved anti-reflective properties. It generates 45 to 100 views of a 3D object. This allows multiple people to view the holograms simultaneously from different angles, overcoming a major limitation of Sony's holographic design.

Up to 1000 fragments of holographic carrierscan be stored directly in the device for instant playback, without another connected device. The researchers also unveiled an experimental face-tracking app that converts human movement into animation. In the future, this technology will allow for "conferences of the future" - using realistic 3D human avatars.

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