The cost of planet Earth was calculated using the latest formula

Have you ever wondered how much our planet might be worth? Billions of dollars? Trillions? If you,

like us, such thoughts have not been released for a long time, thenThe latest research from a scientist at the University of California, Santa Cruz is clearly useful to you. He, using the latest formula, calculated the cost of the entire planet Earth.

Assistant Professor of Astronomy and AstrophysicsGreg Laughlin came up with a special formula that made it possible to accurately calculate the value of the planet, reports the Daily Mail. It takes into account completely different parameters, including the mass of the planet, its temperature, age, etc. All of these indicators are extremely important in order to figure out the Earth's ability to support life.

As a result, according to the results of the calculations of the scientist,the cost of our planet is about $ 5 quadrillion. Moreover, it is the most expensive of all the planets, the cost of which Laughlin calculated. For comparison, the price of Mars is 16 thousand dollars, or a little more than 1 million rubles. Such a low price of the red planet is associated with its weak suitability for the development of life.