With the release of iOS 17, group chats between Android and iOS users will improve, but it seems that only for iPhone owners

It seems that, among other things, iOS 17 may introduce changes to messaging between iOS users.

and Android.Users at XDA Developers have noticed some of the new messaging experiences in the iOS 17 developer beta - for example, iOS users will retain some of the benefits of iMessage chats even in a mixed company.

What is known

Now group chats between usersAndroid and iOS are taking us to the era of green bubbles and the legacy SMS/MMS protocol, which limits the quality of shared images and videos, and doesn't provide iMessage features like the ability to edit sent messages. iPhone owners don't get all the features they enjoy in iOS-only chats. Android users are getting allegations of worsening mood which is a disappointment for everyone involved. However, there is hope for changes in iOS 17.

According to XDA, after installing the beta versioniOS users now have the ability to edit their green messages in group chats. Images and videos are now rendered in higher resolution, as is the case with iMessage. In addition, they can also merge responses. However, there is one downside: these changes are only visible to other iPhone users. Android users still get poor quality images and videos, no text edits, and threaded replies just show up as regular messages along with the rest of the conversation.

At least that's how it works now.However, all this may change in the final version of the system. There's a good chance Apple will add some features that will allow edited text messages to be sent as separate replies and labeled as such. It's also possible that Apple will abandon this approach entirely before any of this appears in the full release of iOS 17 in the fall, so this should be taken with a grain of salt.

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