Tweak Assistability13 adds to the user-friendly interface a menu like in AssistiveTouch. For iOS 13

Apple introduced the Reachability mode in its first “big” smartphones - the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Function

simplifies interaction with a large display - the interface is reduced from top to bottom and becomes available for thumb control.

Easy access by default on ios devicescan only be turned on or off. The recently released Assistability13 jailbreak tweak by DODGraphics adds shortcuts to the easy-access interface like in the AssistiveTouch menu.



Tweak Assistability13 allows you to add six icons to the convenient access menu:

  • Siri
  • Reboot options:
    • respring
    • LDRestart
    • SBReload
    • shutdown
    • reboot
    • safe mode
  • Application switcher
  • Lock
  • Close all background applications
  • Featured Applications:
    • icons of six favorite applications

After installing the tweak in the “Settings”, a corresponding section will appear in which you can:

  • Enable or disable Assistability13 on demand.
  • Choose whether the interface appears at the top or bottom of the display (Choose where the interface will be displayed - top or bottom).
  • Choose up to six favorite apps to appear under the Favorite Apps option
  • Configure the shortcuts displayed on buttons 1-4
  • Hide or show the grabber
  • Enable on iPad
  • Adjust the interface’s height

Posted by: DODGraphics

Twist Assistability13 is available in the Packix repository for $ 1.50. Supports all "hacked" devices on iOS 13.