BoostedWifi tweak will improve the Wi-Fi capabilities of your iPhone

If you want to improve the Wi-Fi capabilities of your iPhone or iPad with a jailbreak, you can use the new

free tweak BoostedWifi KingPuffdaddi Developer.

BoostedWifi improves the Wi-Fi capabilities of your smartphone by circumventing Apple’s limits and displaying signal strength information for all available networks.



IOS only displays Wi-Fi networkswhose signal level reaches a certain level. If the network signal level is too low, the system removes it from the list of available ones. BoostedWifi removes this restriction, and you can see all Wi-Fi networks, regardless of the strength of their signal.

In addition, the tweak displays the RSSI of each network directly in the Wi-Fi section of the iOS Settings. Thus, you get more information about the signal level of each network, and not just the standard icon.

Not everyone needs such detailed information, but the BoostedWifi tweak will be useful to those who are interested in details about the Wi-Fi networks they use.

No options need to be changed, one setting of the tweak will automatically apply the changes, and the only way to undo them is to remove the tweak through Cydia.

If you want to install the BoostedWifi tweak, you can download it for free from the BigBoss repository. It supports iOS 11 jailbreak devices.