Dimage tweak darkens content in Dark Mode apps

Dark mode tweaks are gaining popularity as Apple still hasn't added the official Dark Mode to

iOS Although these tweaks make the interface elements dark, they rarely act on content within applications, such as pictures.

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Even if you do not have jailbreak installed, you probably know the feeling when you open the application with dark mode, and you are blinded by bright pictures. Fortunately, the new jailbreak tweak Dimage it will fix forever.

Dimage automatically darkens light content in dark-mode applications so that they are less stressful to the eyes. Below you can see an example of a tweak:



Tweak acts only on bright light images in applications, but does not change enough dark ones. Unfortunately, it does not affect images on sites and videos.

After installing the Dimage tweak in Settings, a new section will appear with its options:

Here you can:

  • Enable and disable the tweak.
  • Use a tweak timer.
  • Apply tweak to bright icons on the home screen.
  • Adjust the degree of dimming:
    • 20%
    • thirty%
    • 40%
    • 50%
  • Choose image size
    • Small (55 pixels)
    • Medium (100 pixels)
    • Large (300 pixels)
  • Use auto smart dimming.
  • Select applications that have a tweak.

The developer also added a button for the re-entry to the settings so that you can immediately apply the changes.

This tweak works best in dark mode apps and with tweaks like Eclipse. If your eyes get too tired due to vivid pictures in applications, it will be very useful for you.

You can download the tweak from the Packix repository. It is supported by all iOS 11 jailbroken devices.