Tweak Dynamik automatically changes the wallpaper on your iPhone

Some users are satisfied with standard iPhone wallpapers, while others like to constantly find new and

change them. It doesn't matter which category you belong to. From time to time, everyone wants to update the wallpaper on their smartphone, which is why we publish new collections of wallpapers every week.

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Even if changing the wallpaper once a week is too rare for you, there is another option. This is the new free jailbreak tweak. Dynamik.

Dynamik - unofficial update of the oldStellae add-ons. It automatically puts a new wallpaper on your device on a timer. Takes a tweak image from different subreddits. Wallpaper can be applied to the home screen, lock screen, or both.



After installing Dynamik tweak in Settings, a section with its options will appear:

Here you can:

  • Choose where the wallpaper is updated:
    • home screen
    • lock screen
    • both
  • Control the effect of parallax.
  • Choose a subreddit from which the wallpaper will be taken.
  • Mark NSFW images as wallpaper.
  • Configure an image quality filter.
  • Set a wallpaper change timer.
  • Choose the time of day when Dynamik will look for new wallpapers.
  • View current wallpaper.
  • Update wallpaper manually.
  • Save current wallpaper.

The developer added a respring button here to apply the changes.

The best thing is that you can choose any subreddit to your taste. The developer suggested several popular options:

  • r / EarthPorn
  • r / SpacePorn
  • r / CityPorn
  • r / SkyPorn
  • r / WeatherPorn
  • r / amoledbackgrounds
  • r / MobileWallpaper

If you are interested in the Dynamik tweak, you can download it for free from the Packix repository in any tweak manager. It works on all devices with jailbreak iOS 11, 12 and 13.