Grupi tweak groups banner notifications for applications on a locked iPhone and iPad screen

The standard notification interface on iOS devices is not always convenient and justified. Does Apple work on

update - not known.

The recently released Grupi jailbreak tweak by Soongyu Kwon and Timeloop organizes notifications on a locked iPhone and iPad screen.



In fact, Grupi is an updated version of the popular Priority Hub tweak, which was released almost six years ago. A new tweak supports “hacked” devices using the checkra1n tool on iOS 13.

Tweak groups notifications on the lock screen by application. This makes it easier to find an important message. You can delete a notification group with one gesture.

After installing the Grupi tweak in the “Settings”, a corresponding section will appear in which you can:

  • Enable or disable tweak (Enabled).
  • Reduce the widget with music on the locked screen (Small music controller).
  • Remove app icons from banner notifications on a locked screen (Remove app icons on banners).

To save the settings, click the Respring button at the bottom of the settings window.

In the updated versions, the developers plan to add a dark mode. Also on iOS 13, the compact music widget does not work yet - they promise to fix this and other bugs in the next update.

Grupi tweak is available in the Packix repository for $ 1.99. Compatible with jailbroken iOS 11, 12, and 13 devices.