Kleidaria tweak iPhone locks when you lay it face down

Locking the iPhone when you are not using it is very important, as it saves charging. However, many

forget about it before putting your smartphone screen down. If you are from such people, then you need a special jailbreak tweak.

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New free jailbreak tweak Kleidaria automatically locks the iPhone when you lay it face down on a flat surface, like a table.

Tweak uses the built-in accelerometer anda smartphone’s gyroscope to determine in which position you are laying it. This saves recharging. The method in most cases works accurately only when it is needed.

You may need to get used to putting your smartphoneface down, if you usually do it face up. In the second case, the tweak does not help you in any way, and all that remains is to hope only for the automatic blocking of iOS.

Tweak Kleidaria adds a new way to lock the device for those who forget to lock it themselves. This is also a solution for those who do not have a power button.

The tweak does not contain any options and locks the device a second after you put it face down. The result is impressive.

If you are interested in the Kleidaria tweak, you can download it for free from the Packix repository in any tweak manager. It works on devices with jailbreak iOS 13.