Tweak PageBar turns page points on the home screen into a convenient indicator

The page points on the iPhone and iPad home screens have remained unchanged for years. You don't think it's time for

something new?

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If you agree, then you will like the new free jailbreak tweak PageBar (Beta). It changes the dots of the home screen pages to a convenient animated indicator.

The rectangular indicator is located in the same place as the dots. Below you can see the indicator in action:

The little white square is changinglocation in the indicator depending on the current page of the home screen. The size of the indicator depends on how many of these pages you have. The more applications you have, the longer the indicator will be.

PageBar does not contain any options, but this will change in the future.

If you want to install Tweak PageBar (Beta), do the following:

one) Open the Cydia app and go to the sources tab.

2) Click the Edit button, and then Add.

3) Enter the following link:

four) Click "Add Source" and wait for the repository to load into into Cydia.

five) Now you can find the PageBar tweak and download it for free.

PageBar (Beta) works on all devices with jailbreak iOS 11 and 12.