The territory of protected areas in the UK will grow to 30% of the country's area

As the office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday evening, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers

will announce it on Monday, delivering a video message at an event leading up to the UN Virtual Summit on Biodiversity on 30 September.

Johnson's government intends for $ 400,000. hectares to increase the area of ​​natural parks and protected areas. The UK calls on other countries to ensure that in 10 years at least 30% of their territory has a protected status.

We must back our words with actions and with theirhelp build up efforts, set ambitious targets and make binding promises. We must act now, and right now. We must not allow ourselves to be delayed and delayed, as biodiversity is diminishing before our very eyes at an alarming rate. Without our intervention, the consequences will be disastrous for all of us.

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister

Exactly which parts of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland will become new reserves, the British government and local authorities will determine in the coming years.

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