Monobank's technical support spent 30,000 personal hryvnia per day on its clients due to a viral video on TikTok

Co-founder of Monobank Oleg Gorokhovsky told an interesting story that happened with technical support

companies on Thursday (September 17).

What happened

One of the bank's clients contacted the servicesupport the company with a request to transfer him 2 hryvnia. The operator was not taken aback and did it, not suspecting that the client would record the whole process on video and post it on TikTok. The video immediately went viral and after that a huge number of messages with a similar request fell into the company's technical support. Naturally, there were those who asked for more. As soon as the heads of the bank learned about this, they asked the operators to transfer 2 hryvnia to everyone. As a result, technical support spent about 30,000 hryvnia of its own funds per day for such a "share".

The Monobank chat is storming. 20 dialogs per operator. This is much higher than usual. The reason is that one client wrote ...

Published by Oleg Gorokhovsky Thursday, September 17, 2020

Of course, all this was for a joke and no one, inin fact, they didn’t need money, so customers started charging back sharply. Sometimes the amount exceeded 2 hryvnia. Thus, the employees received payments in return in the amount of more than UAH 50,000.

Do you know what is the most surprising thing in yesterday's story with the transfer of 2 hryvnia by our support employee ?! After…

Published by Oleg Gorokhovsky Friday, September 18, 2020

By the way, if you, suddenly, did not know, then today Monobank is holding an interesting action. The company is going to set two records:

  • The number of new clients attracted by a Ukrainian bank in one day
  • The number of new clients attracted by a Ukrainian bank in one day based on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances.

The record will be registered by the National Registerrecords of Ukraine. Those users who attract the most customers through the referral program will receive prizes. All conditions of the flash mob are available here. You can also follow the results there. Statistics are updated every 10 minutes.

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