Todd Howard on the fate of The Elder Scrolls 6: "we always had some exclusives for Xbox or Microsoft"

In September, Bethesda joined the Xbox division, adding to its in-house studio roster. According to Phil

Spencer, the current exclusive agreements Bethesda and Sony will remain intact, but the fate of future projects will be considered separately. Yet The Elder Scrolls 6 is unlikely to be an Xbox exclusive.

The fate of the Elder Scrolls 6

At least that's what the Bethesda director thinksGame Studios Todd Howard. In an interview with, he noted that it is “difficult for him to imagine” The Elder Scrolls 6 as an Xbox exclusive. Still, Howard is in no hurry to think ahead, because in the past, Bethesda made deals with Microsoft even as an independent company.

“If you look at every Elder gameScrolls, you will see that we have always had some kind of exclusives for the Xbox or Microsoft. We had partnership agreements for every game. Morrowind was mostly a console exclusive, Oblivion was a long-term exclusive, Skyrim had temporary DLC exclusives, ”Howard explained.

Howard added that with the merger, future agreements between Microsoft and Bethesda could grow even larger:

“I don’t know if this portends another majorconsolidation. In other industries, this happens from time to time. In all the games I've made, we partnered with Microsoft in some way. So when we get to Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6, I think it will be a partnership in a broader sense. "

Still, the deal between Microsoft and ZeniMax will be completedonly at the beginning of 2021, so companies only have to talk about the exclusivity of projects. As Spencer noted, until the deal is finalized, Microsoft and Xbox cannot dictate to Bethesda what to do and shape their destiny. In addition, Microsoft is not chasing exclusives, and releases its own projects to other platforms. The same Minecraft can be played both on consoles and on a PC with mobile phones. And Cuphead, a couple of years later, looked first at the Nintendo Switch, and then at the PlayStation 4.

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