Only 23% of Russians trust television

According to the survey, the lowest level of trust in TV was recorded in Moscow, only 20%, similar indicators for

other cities with a population of over one million people (21%). Also, students trust television least of all - 15%.

The highest level of trust was demonstrated byresidents of the North Caucasian Federal District (NCFD) - 28%. People aged 55 to 59 (32%) and over 65 (36%), military personnel and government officials (36%) also trust TV.

The maximum level of trust was recorded in the North Caucasian Federal District (28%).

The study also showed that the mainSources of information for Russians in 2020 are the websites of companies and government agencies, news and analytical online resources. However, trust in them also decreased over the year: from 42% to 39%. Another 16% of citizens mainly take information from social networks and blogs. They began to be trusted more.

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