Ukrainian drone with one F-1 grenade burned down a modernized Russian tank T-72B

The Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to destroy the tank. The combat vehicle of the Russian army was probably abandoned.

What is known

Last week we wrote how a Ukrainian drone destroyed an MT-LB armored personnel carrier equipped with a ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun. This time the drone burned down the T-72B tank. And again the F-1 grenade was used.

T-72B is an upgrade of the T-72A tank.The combat vehicle appeared in the mid-1980s. The tank is equipped with the 9K120 Svir guided weapon system and the V-84-1 engine. Also T-72B uses dynamic protection "Contact". The set consists of 227 containers. The tank is equipped with a R-173 radio station, which operates in the range from 30 MHz to 75.9 MHz. The 2A46 gun was replaced with the 2A46M.

According to Oryx analysts, the Russian army has lost about 1,000 T-72 tanks in various modifications since February 24, 2022. Several hundred military vehicles were captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.