A Ukrainian drone, with an accurate grenade hit in the hatch, finished off a Russian upgraded T-90M tank worth several million dollars

More than a month ago, a Russian T-90M tank exploded on a mine in the Donetsk region. A month later he was finished off

Ukrainian Defense Forces.

What is known

At the beginning of the years, the Russians themselves published a video withT-90M, which was driving along the road and was blown up by an anti-tank mine. The fate of the entire crew is unknown; at least some of the servicemen were able to leave the combat vehicle and escape.

In such cases, it is important to finish off armored vehicles,because the Russians can evacuate it, repair it and reuse it. The Ukrainian Defense Forces eliminated a tank blown up by a mine using a drone.

The unmanned aerial vehicle only needed onegrenades to burn out the insides of a T-90M cost $2.5-5 million. A video of a grenade being dropped directly into a tank hatch was published by the 3rd Separate Special Purpose Regiment.