ZX Spectrum home computer creator Clive Sinclair dies

Clive Sinclair, creator of the legendary ZX Spectrum home computers, has passed away after prolonged

illness at the age of 81. The British entrepreneur suffered from cancer, as reported by his daughter Belinda in an interview with The Guardian.

On the first day of spring 1980, SinclairResearch LTD presented the ZX80 gaming computer with the ZiLOG Z80 chip. Thus began the era of affordable home computers costing about £ 100, after which Sinclair was awarded a knighthood. After the ZX80, the company introduced the ZX81 model, and the ZX Spectrum became a real hit, which, according to official data, sold 5 million units.

In 1985, Clive Sinclair introduced the singlevehicle Sinclair C5. The three-wheeled car could not find the same popularity as the computer. Even before all this, the legendary Briton founded Sinclair Radionics, which produced amplifiers, calculators and watches.

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It is interesting that the entrepreneur himself was not very fond ofuse electronic devices. According to his daughter Belinda Sinclair, between the calculator and the slide rule, the father always preferred the second option.