IKEA smart devices united by scenarios

IKEA engineers decided to fill an important gap in their smart home system. The company now adds

script support - they will be available fromlatest system update. It will help you easily manage multiple devices at the same time without relying on third-party platforms. For example, the lights can turn off automatically, and the music is muted before bed, and in the morning the music turns on automatically, the light will be adjusted according to natural light, and then the coffee maker turns on.

The update will also start making full use ofIKEA's Shortcut Button function. These are buttons that are located by the user's bed or workplace; they allow you to perform several predefined actions at once with one click.

IKEA to stop selling disposable batteries

First preliminary features IKEA introducedback in 2019. Earlier, the chain of stores for home goods announced a strategic decision to increase investment in smart home products. This direction was taken up by the new IKEA Home smart business unit as part of the company.

IKEA has been building smart home devices since 2012of the year. The company's range now includes smart bulbs, wireless chargers, and speakers co-branded with the Sonos brand. The collection also includes a column with a built-in lamp.

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