Xiaomi smart doorbell with camera for $ 36

For the security of your home, Xiaomi offers on DoorBell 2 a smart doorbell on AliExpress.

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The device can be connected using the applicationto a smartphone, TV or smart speaker, after which you will receive notifications about guests. It is mounted using double-sided tape or screws, but the case is not protected from water, so it is better to install the gadget under a canopy, and not outdoors.

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If someone tries to disrupt the call, an alarm will sound, and a notification will come to the smartphone.

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The bell has a camera that shoots withResolution 1920 × 1080 and a viewing angle of 139 degrees. It is able to recognize the appearance of a person at the door at a distance of 5 meters, after which a notification with a picture will come to the smartphone. In addition, the camera sees at night.

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An internal bell must be installed in the house inconvenient place for you. There are several tunes to choose from, volume control and the Do Not Disturb mode, which turns off all signals while resting. When someone calls, you will receive a notification and you can talk with the guest. For safety, you can change your voice: for example, turn a child’s or woman’s voice into a man’s.

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Also, the device can recognize faces, so it recognizes the owner of the house and family members.

DoorBell 2 is powered by six batteries. The manufacturer promises from 2 to 4.5 months of work from one set.

The device saves all data in cloud storage.

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Xiaomi DoorBell 2 with an adapter with a European plug will cost on AliExpress at $ 36.49.

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