Innopolis University received 13 thousand applications from applicants from 161 countries

In 2020, Innopolis University applied for the first time in the check digit allocation competition

admission to places with budget funding. Thus, the university accepted 110 bachelors and 13 masters for budget places.

Average mark of enrolled bachelors inthe USE results in terms of one subject for budget places was 95.7. This is the best result of the university in all 8 years of work. Last year, the average USE score of freshmen at the university was 92.7 points. According to this indicator, the university took 5th place among all universities in Russia.

This year's admissions strategyhas changed significantly. Firstly, we applied for the first time to participate in the competition for allocating admission targets on a budget basis. Secondly, due to the development of the university, the cost of education has decreased and it became possible to introduce paid admission with a flexible system of grants. Third, the university has improved its educational marketing and reduced the number of irrelevant applications. Spot work with specific applicants allows us to improve admission rates every year. At the same time, competitive selection remains very competitive: 49 people per seat is an indicator of leading specialties in the largest Russian universities. In addition, our graduate students will now study under the double degree program. This opportunity is considered for everyone individually: those who wish themselves determine the foreign university in which they want to obtain a scientific degree, and we help them with the necessary documents.

Kirill Semenikhin, Director of Innopolis University

16 IT university freshmen passed one of the subjectsby 100 points. Also, Innopolis University trains 21 representatives of national teams - winners and participants of international Olympiads and tournaments, as well as 51 prize-winners and winners of All-Russian profile Olympiads. 57 bachelors and 65 masters entered the university on a grant basis with full and partial coverage of the tuition fees. In total, 804 students from 40 countries study at Innopolis University in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Previously, a participant from Russia received a gold medalat the Fourth European Junior Olympiad in Informatics EJOI 2020. 136 schoolchildren from 27 countries participated in the competition. The Russian national team was trained by coaches from Moscow State University and Innopolis University.

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