Is iOS 9 installation stuck on “Update Requested”? How to fix

Today Apple introduced iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As usual, tens of thousands of users trying to install iOS,

could not do this due to overload of the Apple server.

Some users have a slow speeddownloads, for others - during the installation of iOS 9, the message “Update requested” appeared on the screen, and the process stopped. Apple introduced this feature last year at the release of iOS 8 to cope with traffic during the presentation of a software update.



If during installation iOS 9 the message “Update requested” appeared on the screen and the installation does not continue, wait and the software update will start automatically.

If the update speed is slow, littlemay help: wait until the server load decreases. Millions of users of iOS devices are trying to install iOS 9, so the wait can take up to 2-3 days. We offer alternative options for installing iOS 9 on your iPhone or iPad right now, but the upgrade process is more complicated.


  • If during the installation of iOS 9 “Update requested” appears on the screen and more than 10 minutes remain, try restarting the device and starting the update again.
  • If you still cannot install iOS 9, use iTunes to update the software.

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