Scientists: abnormal heat in Siberia is associated with human activities

Experts estimated fluctuations in the average temperature in Siberia from January to June 2020, as well as a record in

Verkhoyansk, where on June 20 the air warmed up to a record high in the history of systematic observations of weather and climate in the Arctic region.

In both cases, we found that such events would be virtually impossible without human induced climate change.

Report on the website of the scientific association World Weather Attribution.

It is noted that under normal circumstances suchprolonged periods of heat are rare: once every 130 years. By 2050, the temperature in the Siberian region can be expected to rise by at least 2.5 degrees compared to 1900, but this increase can reach seven degrees.

Recall that in June, WMO (WorldMeteorological Organization) declared May 2020 the warmest in the history of observations of weather and climate, and the period from January to May of this year took the second line in the list of the hottest, losing only the first five months of 2016.

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