Scientists have found that the human brain works in 11 dimensions

The network has information about a fresh study by scientists from Switzerland. They took advantage of

supercomputer in order to study the human brain. As a result of their research, it was found out that in some places this organ is capable of working in 11 dimensions.

The study was conducted on a recreatedcomputer model of the brain. For this, algebraic topology was used. According to the head of the research group Henry Markam, his team was able to "see a world that they never expected to see." So, in the most hidden corners of the brain, it was possible to find objects, the size of which fluctuates between 7 dimensions. In some cases, the number of measurements reached 11!

Recall that according to the latest officialAccording to the data, the human brain has about 86 billion neurons. Surprisingly, they are all extremely closely related, which allows people to think, think and reason. By the way, similar, but maximally simplified, neural networks formed the modern theory of machine learning.