Scientists prove that video games teach teens to read

Scientists from the National Literacy Foundation in the UK, as a result of large-scale research

have proven that video games teach teens to read. At the same time, other positive qualities developed by this type of leisure were confirmed.

So, the study itself was conducted in the form of a survey- more than 4.5 thousand British teenagers aged 11 to 16 took part in it. In addition, the staff of the foundation "attached" to their results and the results of another survey conducted during the period of self-isolation among 3.8 thousand other teenagers and 800 parents.

As a result, the authors of the study concluded thatthat video games are not only effective in developing social skills, but also contribute to the literacy of young people. Also, this type of entertainment stimulates creativity among teenagers, because gamblers very often start to create various works of their own based on their favorite video games, such as fanfiction, tips for beginners, scripts, etc.