Scientists have found previously unknown dinosaurs with a unique skull shape

Scientists have discovered dinosaur bones on the Isle of Wight, the largest island off the coast of England.

United Kingdom. The remains belong to two new species of spinosaurids, a group of carnivorous theropod dinosaurs closely related to the giant spinosaurus... Their unique skulls helped predators expand their diet: they hunted both on land and in water.

In total, experts removed more than 50 bones. They are all found in rocks that are part of the Wessex Formation. It appeared more than 125 million years ago in the Early Cretaceous.

The only spinosaurid skeleton previously discovered in Great Britain belonged to baryonyx. NSThe remains were originally discovered in 1983 incareer in Surrey. Most of the other finds since then have been limited to teeth and individual bones. And on the Isle of Wight, they found parts of two skulls, and later removed most of the tail of one of the dinosaurs.

Analysis of the bones showed that they belonged to a species of dinosaur previously unknown to science. The authors of the work noted that the skulls differ not only from baryonyxbut also apart. Paleontologists have suggested that the UK is home to a greater variety of spinosaurids than previously thought.

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