Scientists to take pictures of Mars and its moons in 8K ultra-high resolution

Despite the fact that modern science is far ahead in comparison with where it was still literally

several decades ago, scientists stillthere are not enough high-quality pictures of Mars on hand. It is this problem that specialists from Japan intend to solve - for this they intend to send the device to the Red Planet and take pictures of Mars itself, as well as its satellites in ultra-high resolution 8K.

Mission dubbed Martian MoonsExploration, developed jointly by the Japanese space agency and broadcaster NHK. It is expected that the spacecraft's journey will begin in 2024, and already in 2025, the probe will reach the Red Planet. At the same time, the obtained images will not only be transmitted to Earth for study by wireless method, but will also be stored on a physical carrier, which will be sent back to Earth in a special capsule.

The probe is not planned to stop at creatinghigh-quality images, but will also collect a lot of important materials. For example, it will descend to the surface of Phobos, where it will collect samples for study, on the basis of which scientists can better understand the process of the origin of the satellites of Mars.