Scientists have proven the harm of eating while watching movies

Scientists from the University of Sussex have proven the harm of eating while watching movies. If something consumes

attention of a person, it is more difficult for him to notice that he is already full.

Researchers have stated that if a person is passionate aboutby some additional task, he is less likely to be able to regulate how much excess food or drinks he has already consumed. Scientists saw this by studying the behavior of 120 volunteers.

They gave them either more calories or lesshigh-calorie drinks, and then instructed them to perform tasks that required increased or decreased attention. In addition, the participants were asked to eat chips.

It turned out that people who were involved inthe task is bigger, they ate approximately the same amount of chips, regardless of which drink they drank before: high-calorie or not. That is, they could not notice in time that they were already full. At the same time, people who performed unattended tasks ate 45% fewer chips after high-calorie drinks than after non-nutritious drinks.