People who received Australia's COVID-19 vaccine test positive for HIV

It became known that people who received the Australian vaccine against COVID-19 were tested positive for

HIV, whereas before vaccination they gave a negative result. This was announced by representatives of the University of Queensland and the biotechnology company CSL Limited.

At the same time, some volunteers were tested forHIV gave a false positive result. "The University of Queensland and CSL today announce that after consultation with the Australian government, Phase II and III trials of the UQ-CSL v451 vaccine will not continue as the immune response to one of the drug's components interferes with HIV testing," in the published document.

Since the first phase of vaccine trials wasunsuccessful, the Australian National Security Committee decided to remove the UQ-CSL v451 vaccine from the government's strategy to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The funds intended for its purchase will be reallocated for the purchase of additional doses of third-party drugs.