IPhone X users have difficulty activating

A huge number of iPhone X today fell into the hands of their owners. In this regard, in densely populated areas on

the mobile network was under heavy load, which led to difficulties with the activation of smartphones.

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Many buyers complain on forums and on Twitter that their iPhone X cannot be successfully activated through the network. Apparently, most complaints (but not all) come from AT&T customers.

The problem seems to be excessiveAT&T server load, which causes activation problems for some iPhone users. Sometimes they can be solved by rebooting the phone, sometimes activation is successful with some attempt.

One of the forum visitors shared hishistory. First he called Apple, then AT&T. Technical support referred to the loaded servers and proposed another activation method, which, however, did not work. Only connection to iTunes helped:



I called Apple. Like everyone else, I was advised to restart the phone. It did not help. Then they told me to call AT&T. They confirmed that their server was overloaded and gave me a special phone number for activation. I called him, but the system replied that the phone was activated and nothing happened.

I changed the SIM card, but that didn't help either.

Only after connecting to iTunes, I was able, after several attempts, to activate the phone - in fact, it was updated to iOS 11.1 and rolled back.

As often happens after the iPhone,there is only one true solution to the problem: just try it until it works out. You can connect to iTunes. Otherwise, one thing remains: to wait until the load on the server falls.

Have you had any problems activating your iPhone X?