IPhone 12 mini has a serious bug with the screen

A few days ago, complaints about the new iPhone 12 mini began to appear on the Internet. Users report that all

Apple iPhone 12 product line has a problem due towhich they couldn't read all messages sent to the group chat in the Messages app. Now the iPhone 12 mini has a bigger problem. Users on the Apple Support Forum started complaining about the unresponsive touchscreen. The display just doesn't respond to touch, so owners can't unlock their device. Those affected by the problem call it intermittent.

Display issues on iPhone 12 mini

One of the owners of the iPhone 12 mini nameduser Rastajafarian writes that the screen of his phone stops registering touch input randomly only when it is inside the case and with a protective film. Only with a cover the screen works well, and similarly only with a protective film the display also works fine. But when you use both, the screen becomes jerky. " Even replacing the protective film with a film from another manufacturer does not help.

Reddit users also had the same complaints. One workaround posted by a Reddit subscriber was to go into Accessibility and enable Backtap. This is a feature that allows iOS users to navigate their iPhone by pressing on the back of the device. You can configure one function to open with a double tap and another with a triple tap. If you've configured Backtap to launch Home, you can bypass the screen lock.

There are about 300 comments on Reddit aboutproblem, including one from an iPhone 12 mini owner who visited the Apple Genius Bar in the Apple Store. Various cases were tested, the diagnostics were examined, and the problem was determined to be software related. On the phone, an Apple support employee said the same, blaming the software. The good news is that Apple is aware of this issue, and if it's just a glitch in the system that determines if touching the screen is deliberate or accidental, a software update might fix the problem. But this may be related to something else ...

There is another version of the problem. Apple introduced the Ceramic Shield this year along with Corning. The ceramic screen makes the display four times more scratch resistant, according to Apple. With the added protection provided by Ceramic Shield, some are wondering whether to end up using a screen protector on the iPhone 12 mini. And as we said, without a protective film, it seems that the error goes away even if the case is used. So while we are waiting for an official response from Apple ...