IPhone 2019 may have a 10MP front and 14MP main camera

For iPhone models this year, they can significantly improve the front and main camera, according to the Indian

CompareRaja website. The report says that at least one prototype has a 10MP front camera and a 14MP main camera.

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We received information that two of the three main lenses on the iPhone XI (2019) are 10 and 14 megapixels. There is no information about the third lens yet.

The selfie camera on the front will be 10 megapixels. In addition, Apple will make changes to the TrueDepth system, based on which Face ID technology works.

If true, Apple is the first in several yearsadd megapixels to iPhone cameras. 7MP front camera has been used since iPhone 7, and 12MP main camera since iPhone 6s. All camera improvements were mainly in system changes.

The report also said about other details. For example, the new iPhone will have more powerful content and a Lightning connector. Earlier, we heard rumors that Apple will still switch to USB-C for the new iPhone. However, according to new information, the Lightning connector was used on the prototypes.

We also know that presumably the new iPhone will have a triple camera and a reduced notch on the screen. However, talking about such things is probably too early.