France and India will track oil spills from satellites

The Indian Ocean Marine Surveillance Group, to be launched by India and France, will be able to

track illegal oil spills from ships. This was announced on Sunday by a senior official of the French space agency CENS.

Last August, France and India took overits commitment to develop and build a constellation of satellites equipped with telecommunications, radar and optical remote sensing devices, which will become the world's first space system capable of tracking oil and other harmful products spills.

The monitoring center will be located in India,added the official. “With the ability to re-view (satellites), this allows surveys to be taken several times a day. He will also be able to detect oil spills and track their origin, ”the official said.

The authorities deny the leakage of harmful substances in Kamchatka. They attributed the death of sea animals to a storm

The main goal of this group is to track illegal oil spills by ships. The Indian Ocean region has several shipping lanes that are used by many ships every day.

The satellites will be jointly operatedFrance and India for monitoring ships in the Indian Ocean. The system will also cover a wide belt of sea routes around the world, which will meet a wide range of French economic interests.

India and France also jointly operateseveral satellites for climate monitoring. Following a successful design phase led by the joint ISRO-CNES group, the satellite will enter the development phase in the coming months.

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