Hackers "leaked" data of thousands of Belarusian policemen

The hackers transferred the data of 1003 Belarusian police officers to the opposition Telegram channel Nexta Live. Channel authors

threatened to publish more if the mass arrests continued.

Nexta Live said they received the data"Thanks to the cyber guerrillas." The information has been sorted into a Google table. The names of the Ministry of Internal Affairs officers, their birthdays, duty stations and ranks were indicated there. Moreover, most of the data related to high-ranking officers, the ZDNet edition specifies.

The authors of Nexta Live asked subscribers to report "facts about the crimes of specific people from the list, as well as their personal information."

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus has already stated that they havetechnologies to identify and prosecute those responsible for leaking personal data from law enforcement agencies. Interior Ministry officials said that the data of about 300 police officers got on the Internet after the presidential elections.