Figure of the day: How many Tinkoff clients have thought about changing the bank because of its sale to Yandex?

20% of Tinkoff clients are thinking about changing the bank amid news of its sale to Yandex

The other day it became known

that Yandex and TCS Group are the parent structureTinkoff Bank - merger negotiations are underway. Under the preliminary agreement, Yandex will have to pay $ 27.64 for each TCS share. In connection with this news, the online research platform Oprosso surveyed Tinkoff's clients and found out how many of them were thinking about changing the bank.

20% of surveyed customers said they think about the transition. 73% of respondents said they approve of the deal with Yandex. 14% of clients even stated that they want to expand cooperation with Tinkoff.

Those people who nevertheless thought about the transition,they fear a possible deterioration of conditions and tariffs for cards, a decrease in cashback, the introduction of commissions, a drop in the level of customer support, disruption of work and an increase in prices for the Tinkoff mobile operator.