Digit of the Day: How many people have had problems with their social media profiles?

18% of users around the world have encountered problems with their social media profiles


Kaspersky ”conducted a global survey and found out how many people in the world faced problems because of their profiles in social networks.

The survey showed that 18% of users acrossthe world at least once experienced problems accessing financial services because of the information they posted on social networks. A third of the victims (32%) are young people aged 25 to 34 years.

Every fifth respondent stated thatfaced with a "social rating". This is the name of the system for assessing a person by his behavior on the Internet and in life. The system is common in China, but not yet consistent.

Kaspersky Lab said that peoplemost often they encounter social ratings when they try to get financial services (57%), insurance services (40%), healthcare (40%), and when they shop online (48%).