Figure of the Day: How many jobs will robots disappear by 2025?

85 million jobs will disappear by 2025 due to robots

World Economic Forum experts presented

report "The Future of Jobs 2020", in whichwarned that robotization will lead to the loss of 85 million jobs in 26 countries by 2025. However, there will be even more new jobs requiring special skills.

Experts believe that the robotization processaccelerated the coronavirus pandemic. The disappearance of 85 million jobs sounds like a harbinger of a big crisis, but experts are confident that 97 million new ones will appear instead. The new jobs will be adapted to the division of responsibilities between humans and robots. Nevertheless, the growth rate of vacancies will slow down, experts warn.

The report was formed on the basis of a survey of top managers of 300 global companies. Executives of 43% of firms said they are preparing to lay off employees due to the introduction of technology.