Most often, the authorities asked Yandex for the data of mail and taxi users.

In the first half of 2020, Yandex received 15.3 thousand requests from Russian government authorities for

disclosure of data of users of the company's services. The company provided information to the authorities on 12.9 thousand requests, and refused to do so in the remaining 2.4 thousand cases.

Most requests for data delivery were receivedin relation to users of services "Yandex.Passport" and "Yandex.Mail": for six months the company received 8.8 thousand requests from government agencies and 7.7 thousand of them transmitted information.

Note that the authorities have the right to requestinformation about Yandex users. For example, in Russia, the laws "On the Police", "On Operational Investigative Activities" and other regulations determine on what basis and what data state bodies can request and in what time frame a response must be provided.

The report also says that Yandex disclosesdata on those services and areas of the company that receive the largest number of requests. In addition, for most services, requests concern the issuance of data from Yandex.Passport, which is reflected in the statistics.

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