Why are Getac Secure Platforms interesting?

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A secure computer is a device that is purchased not only because it

looks cool.You need to understand that this technology is not being created for widespread use and, most likely, the average consumer will never buy such a tablet or such a laptop. That's because choosing a platform for extreme environments means sacrificing practicality or performance in favor of the ability to survive in digitally hostile environments—where there's extreme temperature, humidity, mechanical and possibly chemical stress. Only secure solutions guarantee long-term reliable communications and functionality for uniformed personnel and first responders throughout the vital cycles of human activity.

Certified mobile technologyMIL-STD, finds the most diverse, sometimes even unexpected, applications. Let's dwell on some models developed by Getac Technology - one of the leading suppliers of secure platforms, most of the critical components for which, including cases, are manufactured by the company itself.

Getac Technology is one of the key subsidiariescompanies in the MiTAC-Synnex Business Group, the third largest IT corporation in Taiwan, whose interests range from contract manufacturing of mobile platforms to the restaurant business. A joint venture with GE Aviation (a subsidiary of General Electric) is responsible for the production of special devices for military service use, for special services and the public security sector, as well as for commercial use in transport, industry and healthcare. Actually, that's why Getac.

LumiBond screen: no glare or scratches

Getac Technology products are, above all,highly reliable computing platforms with exceptional endurance and performance in the most challenging environments imaginable. The peculiarity of Getac notebooks and tablets is the special design of the LCD-matrix produced under the LumiBond trademark. It supports the proprietary Sunlight Readable technology, with the help of which reading in direct sunlight continues to be comfortable, and the capacitive sensor does not lose sensitivity even when touched with gloved hands.

Along with high optical performance,LumiBond design protects the screen from scratches and mechanical impact, thanks to the use of a composite material that fills the space between the LCD matrix and the touch panel, which also eliminates moisture condensation inside the screen. The greatest effect from the use of LumiBond is visible to the naked eye: LED backlighting forms a bright and contrasting image on a sunny day, suppressing flare and possible glare, surpassing all known analogues in these characteristics. As a result, the brightness reaches a record 1400 nits (against a background of 250-500 nits, standard for most laptops).

Fully secure platform

Depending on the precautions taken,dictated by the field of application, several levels of protection for mobile platforms are defined. The tallest of these is a fully rugged laptop or tablet. It is a mobile device in the most durable and at the same time lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy case, with the ability to withstand the effects of extremely harsh environmental conditions. Fully rugged platforms are approved for use by MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461G, and often by the European Commission's e-Mark certification for transport applications.

Getac B360 Rugged Laptop

A typical representative of this Getac familyThe B360 is available with 10th Gen Intel Core i5/i7 processors. Its RAM is expandable with SO-DIMM modules up to 64 GB. The platform supports up to two 1TB NVMe drives and features a 13.3-inch LumiBond IPS touch panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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Fully rugged Getac B360 &#8211; A powerful, portable next-generation solution for the most demanding users.

Model B360 will be very interesting for those who,considering fully rugged laptops too bulky, looking for portable devices of this level. In the implementation of such mass-dimensional parameters, Getac had to compromise in the platform configuration with rechargeable batteries - two of them with a total capacity of 46.6 Wh, and both are hot-swappable. Considering the very bright LumiBond screen, this is not so much, even for the very cost-effective Intel new generation chips. The display itself is now not traditionally rectangular, but widescreen with aspect ratios of 16: 9. Despite its sturdy construction, when closed, the thickness of the device is only 3.4 cm and the weight of a laptop, for devices of this level, is surprisingly small - 2.32 kg.

The keyboard of the B360 looks very ordinary, butthe keys on a membrane basis have a comfortable stroke and are illuminated by red LEDs, which is not at all superfluous at night and at dusk. The touchpad is slightly recessed, making it comfortable for blind use. Its touchpad is responsive with both single touches and gestures. Finally, the Getac B360 comes with a stylus on a rubber coiled cord. The stylus is stored in a slot on the left side of the laptop and allows you to use the capabilities of the touchscreen as accurately as possible, especially in a work environment where you need to work with gloves.

Separate line in the characteristics completelyProtected platforms are dust and moisture resistant, the degree of protection of which is determined by the requirements IP65/IP66. At the same time, they maintain performance over an extended temperature range without reacting to changes. One can only imagine what difficulties the developers of the fully rugged Getac B360 laptop faced when equipping it with I/O port connectors. After all, unlike consumer devices, such platforms must have a full set of standard-sized ports. Sealing and protecting these ports is not as easy as it seems. The Getac B360 uses hinged plastic doors with complex rubber seals for this purpose. Equipped with ports on three sides, the Getac B360 is essentially a mobile workstation.

Getac X500-G3 Rugged Laptop

Getac offers even more computing power infully secure platform X500-G3. This is a mobile computer equipped with either Intel Core processors (i5-7440HQ or Core i7-7820HQ), or the even more powerful Intel Xeon. The laptop is a full-featured mobile PC with a large 15.6-inch screen, with an emphasis on professional graphics. It is not surprising that a mobile server is deployed on the basis of Getac X500-G3 when equipped with a Xeon E3-1505M v6 processor, capable of solving any tasks of operational and tactical control.

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Laptop Getac X500 &#8211; if you need a 15.6-inch diagonal HD screen and the ability to install PCI or PCIe expansion cards

Civilian profession X500-G3 can be“tailored” to solving problems of hydrometeorology, cartography, geodesy, etc. The integrated Intel HD630 graphics can be used as a mobile workstation for this; for more loaded applications, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX950M floppy graphics accelerator with 4 GB of video memory will be very useful. The RAM is fast and efficient DDR4 memory with a maximum capacity of 64 GB.

Two 512GB or 1TB NVMe drivesare designed to provide both good performance and survivability of data. The server version went even further in this matter - it can be equipped with three drives, configurable as RAID 0, RAID 1 or even RAID 5.

The USB ports support USB 3.0, eliminating the once obligatory FireWire. The extra 112 Wh battery comes in handy, effectively doubling the Getac X500-G3's battery life.

Rugged Tablet UX10

When devices are needed for efficient operation,allowing you to perform computer tasks "on the run", a relatively new form factor for rugged platforms - convertible laptops with split-screen and docking stations - may be useful. In fact, we are talking about a rugged tablet with a touchscreen display. A typical representative of this class of devices is the Getac UX10 10-inch tablet, already well-proven in emergency medical services, in utilities and in solving a number of industrial tasks.

Getac UX10 Ruggedized Multifunctional Tablet, fully in the spirit of the digital revolution.

Getac UX10 convertible laptop can be usedboth as a rugged tablet and as a full-featured mobile platform complete with a keyboard and additional ports. The UX10 is equipped, albeit not with the newest, but still quite powerful quad-core 8th generation Intel Core processors. Its 10-inch IPS screen offers a 1920 x 1200 resolution and a high brightness of 1000 nits, which is more than comfortable, although not as good as the top-end Getac B360. Of course, there's also 10-point capacitive multi-touch, a hard-tip stylus, and an optional active digitizer.

Getac UX10 comes with a 46.6 Wh battery,having an additional 99.8 Wh battery in reserve. As a fully rugged platform, the tablet is hot-swappable. Despite its low weight, the strength characteristics of Getac UX10 are at the highest level. It is a device with an elegant and purposeful design, where form follows function. To carry the assembled transformer, there is a very comfortable handle secured with four thick magnesium alloy bolts.

Of particular importance is sealing and protection.mobile platform ports. Like the fully rugged Getac B360 laptop, the tablet features clever locking security doors. Doors with an internal rubber seal fit tightly to the body and reliably protect the device from external influences.

S410 G3 Semi Rugged Notebook

Getac also has more budget-friendly solutions.semi-secure mobile devices. They are sometimes also called semi-rigid due to the reinforced chassis design, which is significantly stronger than office platforms, but does not require the expensive elements inherent in fully rugged laptops.

Such devices, typical of whichis the Getac S410 G3, which are operated mostly in the field, albeit not as extreme as their expensive counterparts. They have good dust and moisture protection, are resistant to vibrations and are comfortable at any time of the day. Although the shock resistance of semi-rugged notebooks is not a critical characteristic, the Getac S410 G3 responds well to drops from low heights and tolerates mechanical stress during operation.

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Getac raises the bar for semi-rugged notebooks, the new S410 is stronger, thinner and lighter than ever before

Choosing processors for a semi-rugged laptopThe S410 G3 is richer than its more famous counterparts: you can use the economical Intel Core i3, and the pragmatic Core i5, and the productive eighth generation Core i7. The SATA SSD storage subsystem typically starts at 256GB, expandable up to 1TB. There are standard HDMI, USB 3.0, Ethernet RJ-45 interfaces. The platform's functionality can be expanded with a slot for a SIM card, VGA, LPT, USB Type-C, and one more Ethernet port.


Rugged laptops and tablets have found their waya consumer niche, because working in pouring rain or on boulders, in cold or hot weather is their purpose. Such tests dictate the choice of reliable assistants capable of solving computer problems in any situation. For each of them, Getac can offer a platform that is optimal both in terms of price and performance.

For advice onFor Getac solutions, you can contact ELKO, the official distributor of Getac products in Ukraine. More information here https://www.elko.ua/produkty/getac-products