A quarter of Russians who switched to remote work remained to work from home

Analysts noted that 59% of respondents who worked remotely during self-isolation returned to

offices. In total, according to the survey, 30% of Russians switched to telecommuting during the period of self-isolation.

What did the Russians miss at a distance:

  • by working environment - 34%,
  • in the team - 22%,
  • by a convenient workplace - 18%,
  • on corporate life - 9%,
  • did not miss the office - 47%.

According to the study, 47% of those surveyed who worked from home would like to continue working remotely.

The survey was conducted among the economically active population over 18 years old. It was attended by over 4,200 people, of whom more than 1,260 worked from home during the period of self-isolation.

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