What's new in iOS 10 beta 4

Apple has officially released the latest version of iOS 10 beta 4 for developers, and with it several new

additions and improvements.

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As it usually happens, Apple constantly adds and removes something in its beta versions of iOS. The third beta for developers was no different.
We will talk about new additions and improvements to iOS 10 beta 4 below.

What's new in iOS beta 4




After the release of iOS 10 beta 4Apple officiallyannounced that the new software will include more than 100 new and updated smileys. New emoticons include a variety of male and female silhouettes.

Notification Center

In past beta iterations fordevelopers, the date display was not present in the Lock Screen Notification Center. Now that has changed, swipe right on the lock screen in the notification center at the top displays the date.

Vibration response

In the third beta for developers, Appleadded a tactile response to the notification of a device lock that occurs when the power button is pressed. However, in the fourth version, the tactile response was removed.

Universal access

New templates in the section Universal access -> Display adaptation -> Filters

Control center

In iOS 10, the control center has undergone some significant changes, Apple has added a new welcome screen, which explains the features of working with the new panel


In the new Home section of the control center, icons of various modes of your home are added.


Some old wallpapers have been removed. However, some old wallpapers have returned, those that were previously with iOS 8.

Keyboard sounds

And finally, in the fourth beta of iOS 10 for developers, new keyboard sounds have appeared. For the following buttons: Return, Erase, Shift, Spacebar and Switch between the numeric keypad and Emoji.