Xiaomi ecosystem: the best and most unusual devices of ZMI - the company that introduced us to power banks

The ZMI technology brand is one of the core in the Xiaomi ecosystem. It appeared in 2013 thanks to the collaboration of Xiaomi with

Chinese Industrial Corporation ZIMI,Founded a year earlier in Jiangin High-Tech Park. Since its inception, ZIMI has been developing software and hardware for mobile devices. As a member of the Xiaomi ecosystem, ZIMI is developing in areas such as smart equipment and the Internet of things.

The cooperation of two Chinese companies is notlimited to the ZMI brand. ZIMI Corporation often acts as a contract manufacturer of devices on Xiaomi orders. For example, a mosquito repellent device was developed by Xiaomi engineers, manufactured by ZIMI Corporation and sold under the MI brand (the main Xiaomi brand). The device received the iF DESIGN AWARD Award. Note that this is not the only award; ZIMI products have been repeatedly awarded IF prizes, as well as Reddot, IDEA and G-mark.

Under the joint brand ZMI, externalbatteries (the so-called power banks) and related devices: chargers, USB cables, batteries, etc. According to the company, its products are sold in more than 100 countries, and more than 100 million power banks have been sold. The company sees its mission in creating simple, elegant, ergonomic portable charging solutions “so you never worry about a dead battery”. Or very briefly, "Be charged!"

Under the brand ZMI there are also unusual products. So, three years ago, the company made Travel Assistant - a push-button telephone with a router and a 5,000 mAh battery, from which other devices can be charged.

Information about the technologies and products of the company can beget on the corresponding pages of the Xiaomi ecosystem website and the ZMI company store on Aliexpress. The official ZMI website is in Chinese. Internet pages in other languages ​​are created by the sales representatives of the corporation (such, for example, is the Ukrainian ZMI website). The company has a subsidiary in the United States, which is engaged not only in distribution, but also in research. ZMI is on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

1. Compact 10,000 mAh external battery with ZMI MF885 mobile Wi-Fi router

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If you work a lot on trips, then youthere is certainly a mobile Wi-Fi router - a device that connects to a mobile network and distributes wireless Internet to all your gadgets. ZMI engineers crossed such a router with a power bank and got a device that not only provides the Internet, but can also recharge gadgets in the process. This gadget does not take up much space in the bag, its dimensions are 102x75x22 mm and weight 260 g. The kit comes with a short USB cable - microUSB, for storage of which there is a compartment inside the device. Fast charging is supported, up to 15W when returning and 18W at the input, while the gadget gains full charge in 4.2 hours. To charge the power bank, standard Micro-USB is used, standard USB is installed at the output. To connect to a mobile network, we use a format map, we support 4G and 3G networks. A device charge of 10,000 mAh is enough to charge a smartphone several times while traveling. Powerbank has nine degrees of protection, including from increased voltage and current both at the input and output, from short circuit, from increased temperature, etc. The device exists only in black. Three LEDs are used to indicate operating modes, the rest of the information on the status of the device can be viewed in its settings.

Cost: $ 90.39. Want to buy

If a capacity of 10,000 mAh seems unnecessary, or if you need a white power bank router, pay attention to the ZMI MF855. This is an older model, its capacity is 7,800 mAh.

Cost: $ 43.25. Want to buy

2. 20,000mAh ZMI QB822 Portable External Battery

This external battery can charge right awayseveral devices, including a laptop. Dimensions of the gadget 150x70x22 mm, weight 360 g. Powerbank can be charged via microUSB or USB type C ports, which can also work on the return. In addition to this connector, there are two USB outputs. The device supports fast charging (up to 18 W) both at the input and at the output, and when using USB type C it can give up to 27 W. End-to-end charging is possible: the power bank is charged from the network and at the same time charges other devices. To indicate the charge level, ZMI engineers built a small LED display in the gadget. In 3 hours, the device charges to 11,000 mAh, and a full charge takes 7 hours. Like the previous device, this power bank also has protection against increased voltage at the input and output, from short circuit and from temperature increase. Interestingly, this device is made in black. Its white counterpart has a different article - ZMI QB821.

Cost: $ 32.08. Want to buy

3. Three-port hub with 20,000 mAh battery ZMI QB820

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Another external battery of 20,000 mAh, onthis time with the functionality of a three-port hub. The developers of the device believe that this device will be useful primarily to owners of laptops with a USB type C port, in which there are no classic USB. Such as the MacBook Pro. The gadget is equipped with three ports: one USB type C and two USB. The laptop can be connected to any port, and peripherals to two others. All connectors can work on recoil and support fast charging, USB - up to 18 watts, and USB type C - up to 45 watts. The USB type C port also serves to charge the power bank itself. A full charge takes less than 4 hours (at 45 watts). Two cables are supplied with the device: USB type C - USB type C and USB - microUSB with an adapter for USB type C. Dimensions of the device are 160x82x21 mm, weight 404 g. Four LEDs are used to indicate the charge level. Another LED is used to indicate low-current charging and hub mode.

Cost: $ 51.25. Want to buy

There is another ZMI product rangeHub-battery with half the capacity of 10,000 mAh. The ZMI QB910 has a stylish dark gray fabric finish. The dimensions of this power bank are 141x72x16mm, weight - 205 g.

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Cost: $ 28.88. Want to buy

4. Flashlight battery for 5,000 mAh ZMI LPB02

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A compact bright (500 lumens) flashlight thatit can shine up to 60 hours and at the same time it is not afraid of rain (protection against water corresponds to IPX6). Of course, like most ZMI devices, this flashlight can recharge smartphones and other devices: a capacity of 5,000 mAh is enough to fully charge the phone once. When you press the power button three times, the flashlight starts flashing, sending the SOS signal in Morse code. To charge the device, a USB type C connector is provided, the output is standard USB with support for fast charging up to 12 watts. The delivery includes a short cable and a matte cap that allows you to get diffused light. This is useful for illuminating a tent while camping or a room in the event of a power outage.

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The length of the flashlight is 137mm, diameter 28mm.

Cost: $ 29.15. Want to buy

5. ZMI WTX10 Wireless Charging

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Charging with a maximum power of 10 watts will dofor any Qi-compatible smartphones. To connect to the power supply, the device has a USB type C connector, the corresponding cable is included in the package. There is protection against the ingress of foreign metal objects such as keys, coins or scissors.

Cost: $ 18.07. Want to buy

6. 10,000 mAh external battery with ZMI WPB100 wireless charging function

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External battery with wireless capabilityCharging will be useful primarily to owners of the iPhone, because it has an MFI certificate and a Lightning connector. Nevertheless, it can charge any smartphones, with support for fast charging: Qi-compatible - without wires (up to 10 W), and the rest - with a cable, via two USB ports (15 W) and one USB type C (up to 18 W ) The USB-C port can also be used to charge a power bank. In addition, you can charge the device through the already mentioned Lightning. Dimensions: 150x72x18 mm.

Cost: $ 34.34. Want to buy

7. Small 10,000 mAh light battery

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The advantages of this battery arecompact dimensions, 127 × 69 × 12.7 mm and weight 177 g, which allows you to carry it not only in your bag, but also in your pocket. For charging the powerbank, microUSB or USB type C ports are used. It charges other devices via regular USB. Each channel supports fast charging up to 18 watts. The device has all types of protection inherent in ZMI products: from overheating, from short circuit, from voltage and current surges at the input and output, from overcharging the battery, etc. The gadget is made in white, black and blue colors. The kit includes a USB-microUSB cable.

Cost: $ 22.32. Want to buy

8. Single Port 45W Charger ZMI AD03Z

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This charger has one USB port.type C and can be used to charge both a smartphone and a laptop equipped with an appropriate connector. The kit includes a USB type C to USB type C. The device uses the North American standard (NEMA 1) to connect to the outlet, and you will need an adapter to connect to a familiar outlet. The gadget has protection against overheating, short circuit and voltage surges. Fast charging is supported with modes: 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 3A, 15V / 3A, 20V / 2.25A. The dimensions of the device are 60 × 57 × 28 mm, weight 100 g.

The cost is $ 22.55. Want to buy

9. Car Wireless Charging ZMI WCJ10

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Engineers car holder for smartphoneZMI combined with wireless charging. The device is mounted on the grille (deflector) of the duct and is capable of tenaciously holding smartphones. At the same time, Qi-compatible smartphones also charge with a maximum power of up to 20 watts. The device uses a USB-C connector to connect to the power supply.

Cost: $ 38.41. Want to buy

The car power supply is not suppliedincluded, but if desired, you can buy separately inexpensive charger ZMI AP821. Charging is available with two USB ports, the maximum power is 36 watts (18 watts per port). Supported by Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

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Cost: $ 14.68. Want to buy

10. Cable for charging and data transfer

ZMI offers many different cables for alloccasions: with different connectors, different lengths and colors. USB cables - Lightning will be appreciated by owners of Apple smartphones. They are available in three color options: black, blue, red and three sizes: 0.3 meters, meter and two meters. Cables are MFI certified, nylon braid, meter cable for convenience has a magnet.

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Cost: $ 7.68 - 10.56. Want to buy

Another MFI-certified cable. USB-C - Lightning. Withstands current strength of up to 3A, is available in red and black, 1m and 0.3m long. The cable has a Kevlar fiber braid and magnet for ease of use.

Cost: $ 10.06 - 10.98. Want to buy

The USB-microUSB cable with a black USB Type C adapter, 1 meter long, also has a Kevlar braid and magnet.

Cost: $ 9.03. Want to buy