Experts explain why flood-affected monuments do not need to be rescued

The traditional paradigm of conservation is the idea of ​​static conservation. This means that the materials remain

unbreakable, and experts protectthe values ​​identified at the time they were identified were stated by Erin Sickamp, ​​the first author of a paper to raise these issues and a professor at North Carolina State University.

However, it is impossible to manage all heritage sites and property through constant adaptation, improvement, renovation due to the magnitude of the predicted climatic impacts.

This document was co-authored by Eugene Joe, Coordinator of the International Research Center for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM).

The experts presented two ideas on how the transformation of cultural properties might occur: adaptively in response to the impacts of climate change, or before expected or projected impacts.

They claim that some cultural symbols,Those “severely affected” by climate change events such as floods may not be restored to serve as a “memory” of the event.

On other occasions, they claimed that someattractions at risk of climate change need to be able to "transform" when the cost of maintaining a landmark is too high.

How much effort does it take toVenice looked like Venice, even though it faces rising sea levels that threaten the city with more frequent extreme floods, the authors of the article wondered.

Individuals whose legacy is at stake andwho benefit from these sites as tourist sites should participate in discussions about the changes and how the conservation of the values ​​associated with these sites should look like.

Erin Sickamp, ​​first article author and professor at North Carolina State University

According to experts, their ideas for transformation wereinspired by the concept of sustainability in ecology, according to which the landscape can absorb change in response to disturbance, and the population moves to a "new state" or reorganizes.

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