Experts told why Turkey needs Ukrainian "Pechory" with already existing Russian S-400

And the explanation sounds quite logical The fact that the Turkish military decided to acquire the Ukrainian air defense system

S-125M1 "Pechora-M1", having already agreed withRussia regarding the S-400, has caused a lot of questions and controversy both on the network and “offline” among specialists. And so, Ukrainian experts undertook to explain what meaning Ankara is putting in this not entirely obvious maneuver.

According to persons deeply versed in the issue,Turkey purchased Ukrainian weapons for $ 20 million in order to balance the forces that the Russian military has in the Black Sea region, Defense Express reported. Russian readers also came up with their own conclusions. They, in turn, believe that the Turkish side has shown interest in Ukrainian technologies because of their combat capabilities.

Note that after the modernization carried out by engineers, the S-125 "Pechora" was able to demonstrate a missile flight range of up to 45 km.