The Japanese refused to change outdated fighters to drones

The journalists learned that the Japanese Ministry of Defense was considering the option of purchasing drones

to replace the outdated F-2 fighters. In the end, however, the Japanese abandoned the idea.

According to TASS, the author of the idea was the ex-ministerdefense of Taro Kono. His offer was financially beneficial. If Japan armed itself with drones, it could save a lot. One American drone MQ-9 Reaper costs approximately 1.5 billion yen, which is 10% of the cost of the fifth generation F-22.

Despite the benefits, Kono's idea was not supported.most members of the government and the ruling party. The rationale here is political - Japan does not have the technology to develop such drones, and purchasing them would mean aiming at imports. That is, it would have a bad effect on the support of the national defense industry.

The F-2 fighter was developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Lockheed Martin.